The Project

A new generation of future-oriented tools for the assessment and management emerging of food safety hazards and associated risks:

The European Commission funded FoodSafeR project was launched in October 2022 and over the next 4 years will focus on the advancement of innovations to combat emerging microbial and chemical food safety hazards and associated risks of contaminants based on cutting edge science.

The project will develop a comprehensive suite of future-oriented:

> Frameworks

> Tools

> Methods

> Strategies

> Models

> Guidance

> Training materials.

for Food Safety Risk Identification, Assessment and Management, all of which will be widely accessible via the FoodSafeR Open Digital Hub as a key delivery platform for the project outputs.

The Team

The FoodSafeR consortium of 19 leading academic, research and industry organisations from across Europe, is led by FFoQSI.

FFoQSI is the Austrian Competence Centre for Food and Food Quality, Safety and Innovation. It is a multidisciplinary joint research hub that encompasses scientific, national and international business partners food safety authorities and stakeholders, technology SMEs and startups from the food system.

The FoodSafeR Advisory Board of 25 leading stakeholders from the food safety field gives us a global reach.



Connect with

Become part of a dedicated professional platform & connect with food system actors from across the globe

> Risk assessors and managers
> Government/Food competent authorities
> Food business operators (FBOs)
> Small scale FBOs, start-ups and
   social actors in the Food System
> Consumer organisations

Access Technology
& Tools

Access a powerful one-stop-shop of community-based decision support, tools, methods, guidelines, information & alerts…

> Holistic and Proactive Risk-Benefit and Cost-Benefit Assessment Framework
> Novel Concepts for Prevention of Persistence in Food Processing Environments
> Determination & Prediction Tools and Devices Identifying Chemical & Microbial Hazards
> Toolkit for Proactive and Sustainable Risk Management Systems
> Food Safety Risk Management Strategies for Food-Related SMEs & Farmers
> Training & Education Material for Risk Assessors, Risk Managers, Consumers & Citizens


You’ll get to enjoy our useful,
fit-for-purpose virtual workspaces

> Post and share content, and push beautifully edited content out to other social media platforms.
> Create or join virtual working groups
> Collaborate virtually within your working group with simple, accesible, fit-for-purpose tools and features (document respository, messaging, workflows, polling tools, etc.)
> Seamlessly integrated with Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 & LinkedIn.
> Dedicated spaces where you can accomplish goals with teams from across the world

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