Network event: Food & Feed Safety in circular production systems

The European food production system has become very effective, but resource depletion, loss of biodiversity and climate change put the system under pressure. Transitioning towards a circular production system is one of the  means to obtain a more sustainable food production system.

Meeting aims

We organize a 1.5 day network and scientific event including a networking dinner. This event will target  different stakeholder groups including policy makers, scientists and companies. It aims to bring experts in this field together and to share information, knowledge and views on managing food and feed safety in circular food production systems.

Key-note presentations by renowned experts

The official program includes four sessions, each comprising a key-note presentation by a renowned expert in the field,  poster presentations with short poster pitches and interactive sessions so all attendees can contribute to the topic. 

The four session topics and corresponding experts are:

  • New hazards and risk assessment – speaker to be announced
  • The fate of hazards in the circular food production system – Prof. dr. Benny Chefetz, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
  • Mitigation strategies – Dr. Nora Sutton, Environmental Technology, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
  • Needs for testing approaches – Dr. Milou van de Schans, Wageningen Food Safety Research, The Netherlands

This network event will be chaired by Dr. Stefan van Leeuwen, Wageningen Food Safety Research, The Netherlands.

Register now!

If you want to join, please register at the website. The number of available places is limited.